The Hive

Project Description

Project: Private residential home

Location: Pensford, Somerset

Transformed from the client’s agricultural barn, this captivating residence prioritises family living. With a profound interest in the natural world, the interiors are meticulously crafted to foster a strong connection with the outdoors.

The design seamlessly incorporates architectural features such as exposed beams and metal columns to accentuate the building’s rich heritage. Employing materials like polished concrete for the floors and glass balustrades enhances the overall industrial aesthetic. Timber cladding on the exterior seamlessly transitions into the interior, where curved timber planks envelop a central “hive” structure housing the home office and children’s playroom across two floors.

The architectural elements predominantly adopt a natural or white palette, punctuated by vibrant splashes of colour on bespoke joinery and furniture, creating a visually dynamic atmosphere throughout the living spaces.