About us

3idog create unique, beautiful and memorable spaces using architectural tailored solutions.

3idog is an interior design consultancy based in Cornwall and Somerset with two design studios we spend our time between each, meeting with our clients and travelling to our projects throughout the UK.

We provide a full range of staged services to support your refurbishment, renovation or new build design project.  As a leading interior design consultancy we have experience of working across commercial, healthcare and residential sectors. We specialise in interior design for, houses, holiday homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, holiday parks and healthcare providers. Established in 2009 we have a wealth of experience working on a diverse range of projects from multi-million pound developments to luxurious private homes. We have the knowledge, experience and creative vision to help our clients achieve a unique interior design. With a passionate, talented, hard working and professional team we are committed to delivering client focused stylish interiors that combine practicality with creativity. 

We believe that the relationship with the client is key to the success of the whole interior design process. As a result, we offer a comprehensive, personalised service. From conceptual design through to completion, we work closely with everyone involved in the project. Finding the right design solution to suit a client’s individual needs, desires and aspirations is paramount, and we will not be satisfied until what we have developed is right.

Good quality design lasts, which is why we take environmental considerations into our design, mixing creativity with longevity. We are not about throwing things out just because they are old. We believe in working with what you have, uncovering the potential of existing pieces and giving them a new lease of life or advise on alternatives to ensure you have the very best design to suit you.