St Moritz Apartments

Project Description

Project: Luxury Apartments

Location: St. Moritz Hotel, Cornwall

Two privately owned luxury apartments with roof terrace sit proudly on top of one of Cornwalls most stylish hotels – St Moritz. The brief was to create a rooftop garden which would allow its occupiers to enjoy uninterrupted views whatever the unpredictable Cornish weather. We wanted to create a fluid indoor/outdoor space, designing a freestanding living pod within the rooftop garden. This flexible entertaining space, takes the form of a glazed cube, with one side fully opening up to expose the sea view and the other onto a social dining space. A bespoke outdoor kitchen with granite worktop and inset BBQ was built to this side of the terrace. 

We collaborated with Meiloci, Landscape Architects, to develop the planting scheme, adding in new slim planters inset into the decking. The colour and natural forms of the architectural planting punctuates the space. Curved bespoke metal powder coated planters help to soften the buildings harsh lines. We added in horizontal hard wood cladding, blue glass and art sculptures to help give the outdoor space an indoor feel.