Budock Vean Golf & Country Club

Project Description

Client: Budock Vean Hotel

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall

As part of our ongoing design relationship with the hotel, the country and golf club was redesigned to offer greater flexibility for both members and hotel guests. The bar, retail outlet and main lounge were reconfigured to section individual spaces off and to maximise the seating. The interior was designed to offer new facilities for weddings, meetings and conferences. With the design of the new bar, a series of dividing walls were introduced. This allowed sections to be zoned whilst the golf club was still in use.

The new design for the club followed on from the adjoining restaurant. We wanted to ensure there was a fluid connection using the same wood flooring and decorative wood panelling into this space. Bespoke joinery items such as waiter stations, media display unit and trophy cabinets were designed to compliment the new colour scheme, providing areas to display the clubs history. The wall colours, soft furnishings and seating, added an extra layer, helping to define the club’s character.