Hugh Ridgway - Owner of St Moritz Hotel

“Working with Steve is as enjoyable as it is inspiring. On six separate occasions he pushed us to the very limits of our design comfort zone. He pleaded with us to be brave and trust him. Everytime, without exception, he was proven right. Damn him!!

Roger Graffy - Owner Mylor Yacht Harbour

“The new Mylor Yacht Club has been taken from a good build and been transformed into an exceptional space by 3idog design. The internal space is great and you have achieved and exceeded my expectations. It has been an absolute joy working with you and I would personally like to thank you for all your hard work, the building is fantastic. I would not hesitate using 3idog on another project or recommending you to others”

Alan Ramsden - Commodore Mylor Yacht Club

“We at Mylor Yacht Club are delighted with the work that 3idog have carried out in designing a terrific interior for our new clubhouse.  From sound guidance in floor planning to stunning decor and colour co-ordination for the finished building, magically the intimate nature of our old home has been translated into discrete zones that preserve that concept whilst at the same time providing the ability to link together when the need arises.  Absolutely fabulous.”

Darnell Bryan - Manager, Carnaby Burger Co

“3idog lead us with innovative ideas, transforming what we considered to be ‘waste’ into excellent new products.  Apart from the massive cost savings we ended up with innovative functional designs which are current but with no compromise on quallity.”

Hayley Goleniowska - Ambleside Manor

“3idog changed my preconception of what an Interior Designer is and does.  A family man himself, his ideas were always fresh and practical, with an emphasis on re-working existing pieces.  His moodboards are works of art in themselves and gave us the confidence to use colour and experiment with mixing tradtional and modern ideas together for the first time.”